Out of Orbit Robotics #2449


Out of Orbit Robotics Team 2449 has a proud history of gracious professionalism, incredible engineering skills, and neon-green aliens. Formed in 2008 for the FIRST Robotics Competition, it originally consisted of Marcos de Niza High School and James Madison Prep, with a goal of using robotics to teach engineering skills, safe work habits, and teamwork. Now, Out of Orbit is known throughout the state for its professionalism, school spirit, and (of course) incredibly-build robots.

More recently, Out of Orbit has merged with AZTech Team 2134, which includes students from McClintock and Corona del Sol High Schools. We found that our strengths matched up very well against their shortcomings and vice-versa: they had little mentor presence while we have our beloved adult engineers; they had access to large build facilities while we worked out of Dan’s garage. It was a win-win, and the students work well together despite a long-standing rivalry between Marcos and Corona. Now, we work out of McClintock’s shop facilities, but the spirit and engineering excellence that makes Out of Orbit so successful remains untouched.


Tax Credit (Donations)

Team 2449 is supported in no small portion by parents and individual donors through Arizona’s Tax Credit program. Through this, Arizona taxpayers can donate up to $200 ($400 for joint donations) to our robotics program and receive 100% back when they file taxes. Last year, we recieved over $2000 in tax credit donations, and we’re always trying to recruit more. If you would like to donate, please contact us below so we can guide you through the process.


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